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Savvier Reaches #1 In Rankings BodyFlex Plus Tops IMS List

CARLSBAD, Calif., September 10, 2004

Savvier LP's first long-form show, BodyFlex Plus, hurried to the #1 position in the IMS rankings less than four months after testing. BodyFlex Plus garnered four Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) Award nominations, including Infomercial of the Year.

Encouraged by the impressive success of its BodyFlex product, Savvier is looking to expand its reach internationally, intending to enter the market in 70 countries around the world. According to Savvier President Jeff Tuller, Savvier is also preparing to introduce a number of other products.

According to Jeff Tuller, "We don't spend a lot of time celebrating our current success. Savvier's business plan is to identify quality products that we believe will do well in the direct response industry, to perform comprehensive research on those products and go to market with them." Says Jeff Tuller, "We want to build growth solidly and consistently rather than focus on the performance of a single product."

"Savvier has always had a 100% satisfaction guarantee with the BodyFlex product," says Jeff Tuller, "and from all the letters we receive, we know that our customers are very satisfied. BodyFlex has been in the marketplace for almost 20 years selling millions of units, and our customer satisfaction is very strong."

In an impressively short amount of time, Savvier has become one of the industry's leading infomercial companies. Formed by Jeff Tuller and Jack Chang in 2002, Savvier owes its success to its expertise in product development, marketing, manufacturing, and global distribution. Savvier LP boasts the direct response expertise and the financial resources to bring concepts to the marketplace with great success. Savvier develops products in the major direct response categories, and specializes in kitchen, housewares, personal care.

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