Adjusting the Resistance
6 Second Abs comes with two sets of resistance bands: 2 Yellow (15 pounds of resistance each) and 2 Orange (25 pounds of resistance each). You can use one or two bands at a time, in various combinations, to provide five different resistance levels:

Progressive Resistance Training System
Adjusting the resistance is easy — just open the cover and change the two inner bands. There is also a place to store your extra resistance bands.
Resistance Adjusting is Simple
Additionally, you can purchase a 6 Second Abs upgrade kit, which includes two Red bands (approximately 37.5 pounds of resistance each). Just visit our online store to upgrade your 6 Second Abs system. If you purchase the Red bands, your band system then provides nine different resistance levels ranging from approximately 15 to 75 pounds.
* Resistance strengths are measured at the third click and are approximate as individual units may very slightly.
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