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Savvier Announces Victory in Multiple Lawsuits Against Unauthorized Distributors Selling Counterfeit Copies of 6 Second Abs

Savvier files additional suits against other infringers, including E&B Giftware LLC/Sports & Leisure Technology for the sale of Bally’s and Everlast’s Ab Tightener II  products

CARLSBAD, Calif., October 12, 2005

Savvier announced today that it has recently settled several lawsuits against distributors suspected of illegally distributing counterfeit 6 Second Abs products. Savvier is vigorously protecting their patent, copyright, and trademark rights on 6 Second Abs in an effort to protect the consumer from inferior quality merchandise. Previously Savvier had secured court orders temporarily restraining and granting preliminary injunctions that prohibited Drop Ship Solutions of Brooklyn, New York, Salco International, of Clearwater, Florida, Good World Corporation of Virginia and of Batavia, New York from selling specified Savvier products during the pendency of the actions. All have now settled out of court agreeing to monetary damages and to permanent injunctions banning them from selling any Savvier products in the future. 
Savvier continues to shut down counterfeiters in an ongoing sweep of companies suspected of selling counterfeit and knock-off product and has several additional cases still pending.  "We’re now seeing the next layer of infringers . . . distributors attempting to sell knock-off products under different product names that we believe infringe upon Savvier’s patents and intellectual property,” said Jeffrey Tuller, President of Savvier, Inc.  “Savvier is committed to aggressively locating and shutting down any distributors or re-sellers of infringing products. We recently obtained another court order in New York for a preliminary injunction prohibiting the sale of Triple Strength Abs based upon our claims of infringement against the 6 Second Abs product.”
Savvier has recently filed suit against E&B Giftware LLC (a company that does business as Sports & Leisure Technology) claiming its Ab Tightener II ab device marketed under the Bally’s Fitness and Everlast tradenames infringes Savvier’s 6 Second Abs patent.  Additionally the suit claims that Sports & Leisure Technology distributes Bally’s “Fitness Ring for Pilates”, which infringes Savvier’s Zone Pilates product. The suit seeks a permanent injunction and treble damages for willful infringement. "It amazes me that after multiple court injunctions in other cases, that there are people willing to risk their entire businesses by selling infringing products. The case against Sports & Leisure Technology is in the early stages, and as we progress through discovery, we plan to pursue every entity associated with selling, re-selling and profiting from these products.”
Savvier was founded in 2002 and is an industry leader in direct response
marketing.  Its first two long-form infomercials, 6 Second Abs and Bodyflex,
were certified #1 hits on both the Jordan Whitney and IMS charts.

Savvier is a registered trademark of Savvier, LP.

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